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The Queen Of Nuts !

                                                    can you believe that the Queen of Nuts is the MACADEMIA!

                                                                  lets see why they call it with this name

The roots of the macadamia tree originated in Australia but the trees also flourish in areas such as South Africa,The trees love tropical climates and when grown in the right soil,they will sprout lush and glossy leaves and flaunt thick clusters of pinkish-white flowers.
Often referred to as “the queen of nuts”, macadamia nuts are rich and creamy in flavour and are loaded with an oil that has an amazing number of different vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. When this oil is pressed from the nuts, it can be consumed or used topically to nourish and even heal the body.The oil istransparent and has a slight yellow tinge to it. It is light, non-greasy, and absorbs easily into the skin and hair shaft (it makes an excellent carrier oil for essential oils).
The nut oil contains one of the highest sources of essential fatty acids (the good kind of fat). It’sextremely rich in iron, phosphorus, palmitoleic acid, B complex vitamins, and calcium. It’s also abundant in proteins and vitamin E – two natural ingredients that work wonders at repairing and softening skin and hair.
Macadamia oil has a wonderful way of deeply penetrating hair so that the strands are left stronger, softer, and healthier than before, particularly the proteins, penetrate hair follicles to increase elasticity and strength. The proteins in the oil can also help repair some of the damage done to the proteins that make up the hair itself. So, not only does it help to reduce the chances of breakage, controlling the frizz, hydrating and moisturizing your hair.

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